Christmas bucket list memories

By Creative Planning Team Member - Stacey Page

Hello It’s Stacey here for my very first blog. I decided that I would focus on Christmas bucket lists and incorporating them into our planners. 

Writing a Christmas bucket list with EBDUK stickers


Can you remember the presents you got when you were 5 or 8, or even last year or can you remember the activities you did as a family?  

Board games around the table, making hot chocolate and adding all the toppings you want or even making gingerbread people and houses.  This is the focus we have in our house and I always use my planner to put down the must do's for the season. 

The current pandemic has sadly put a limit on what we will be doing this year, but I still want to make it as magical as possible.  

Using the EllieBeth Christmas bucket list stickers makes planning these activities easier. I will get my two children to join in with our Christmas planning making sure there is something for everyone. 


Christmas bucket list stickers from EBDUK


This year instead of putting the stickers into my weekly spreads I decided that I would make it more of a way to memory keep what we plan to do as it also gives a little stepping stone to part of my planning style for the next year.  It feels that the year has flown by and I want to grab every last memory I can. 

So in the notes section of my Erin Condren Life Planner (I Franken-planned extra note pages in there) I made a double page spread to put down our family key bucket list moments. I used the string of lights from the Christmas countdown sheet to separate them which helps create a clear writing area. 

I plan to write and print out miniature photos for some of the areas so we can look back on. 


Christmas bucket list spread with EBDUK stickers


Not only do I plan these moments in the notes section of my planner, I also make sure these are added into my monthly and weekly plans. What type of planner would I be if I didn’t make sure they were actually planned in?? 

Now EllieBeth Designs do, and have had, such wonderful Christmas themed collections which make the Christmas planning, oh and normal day to day planning on the run up to Christmas extra special. 

There are collections and themes that I believe will suit anyone’s tastes. For example; the traditional collection of ‘His name shall be’ focuses on the traditional nativity scenes whereas the pastel colours, Penguins and Polar Bears in the ‘It’s cold outside..’ collection bring a different feel to the season.  

My weekly and monthly plans are marked with a mixture of the mixed event labels, full boxes and half boxes sheets. This will be with whichever collection I am using for that week or month or using Rainbow or using Rainbow header event labels (R098 or R099) as they will go with any collection you end up using.  


Christmas layout with EBDUK stickers


Our family elves (Thomas and Jingles) had a hand in the planning and delivering of one our bucket list items in a shape of a movie ticket and popcorn.  

To be honest this will not be the last of the Christmas films we will watch as there are far too many of our favourite ones that can’t be missed out!  

What is on your Christmas bucket lists and how do you plan them?  

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, full of fun and all you hold dear. 

Stacey x 

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 Christmas bucket list with EBDUK Stickers