by Sophie Wilkinson, Design Team member.


To my mind, a planner is a key to opening the door to your life. 

Things you do each day, tasks, appointments, schedules, they all have to go somewhere.

For some people this is on a sticky note, or notepad on a mobile device, others written on the back of their hand!

Planner peace has become quite a thing in the online community, and is elusive a lot of the time. It is the dream, the unicorn, the unreachable?

planner peace

I have always tried to be pretty honest and open with my planner journey, which has been just that. I have used just about any planning system other than strings and I don't think that is a bad thing. 


"Planner peace" is portrayed as being the end point, something to always work towards or achieve. There are numerous posts online about it, and how to achieve it but what happens if and when you get there?

There are a lot of beautiful planners around and many displayed so beautifully on social media - like I did with these two in Brussels, when I was there for PlannerCon Europe 2018!

My planner peace comes from simply having a planner that accompanies my journey. If that changes, or adapts or isn't used at times, that is always OK. 

I use my planner to keep me on track, set goals and reach them. I also use it to document my life. My planners have been with me through the good, and the bad in the past few years and have played their part in getting me through.

I have learned a lot about myself during my planner journey, and became a lot more confident in my own style. I absolutely love my planner, and the community that comes with it. It gives me peace, laughter and friendship. 

If you are in search of planner peace maybe try and look at a wider picture. If your planner is working for you at this time or phase in your life, you probably already have it. Comparison is so difficult on social media, with so many beautiful things around. 

Planner peace to me, is simply, a planner that works. Life changes, as do the people that live it. 




planner peace