Back to school time

By Creative Planning Team Member - Kylie Ashby


It’s back to school time! Scottish planners, I know you’ve been back for a couple of weeks and I send you a big, socially distanced, well done and say thank you for everything you’re doing. I’m a primary school teacher in England and am about to go back to school after a very strange period of time in education and I am so looking forward to seeing my pupils again. 


STM bullet Journal planner with EBDUK stickers


The planner I’ve chosen to use for work is a Scribbles That Matter B5 Bullet Planner. I like the fact it has some structure in place but also a bit of freedom to be creative or just scribble down all the things that are in my brain! I usually keep my work planner quite plain - pen and highlighters mainly - but I can’t wait to get back into my classroom and so I felt like it needed some EllieBeth colour in celebration.


STM Bullet Planner with EBBDUk Stickers


My love of flamingos led me to the ‘Summer Vibes’ collection from my stash. I used a standard sized washi strip from the sheets to cover the grey row at the top and then the script day headers from the R247 to label them. I haven’t labelled the weekend with days, as I plan to use these columns to make notes of things that perhaps haven’t been completed within the working week but that need to be completed before Monday. I did, however, add a small weekend sticker , layered with some more of the washi strip and some thin washi from my stash.

At the top of each daily column, there’s a blank box. This is a great spot to add a box for priority tasks and so I cut down some star headers from the Weekly Core sheet and used those to draw attention to the area.


STM Bullet Planner and stickers from EBDUK


Next, the time strips didn’t really work for my needs and so I used some pale peach washi from my stash and labelled the time I needed with a ballpoint pen. The skinny washi from the collection sheets also work brilliantly here and I’ve used those. The orange and peach skinny washi strips mark the end of the school day my planned leaving time.  


Todays win in a STM Bujo planner with EBDUK stickers


Things are going to be a bit different in education for some time and it will be important to consider my own wellbeing, as well as that of my pupils and so I’ve added a ‘Today’s Win’ sticker underneath each daily column to include a positive reflection of my day. 

On the left-hand side, I’ve added a spot for a running to do list and underneath the weekend columns, I’ve added a box for things that are coming up in the following week. Finally, I added a couple of deco stickers.


Summer Vibes collection from EBDUK


I’ll keep you posted on how it goes in this planner, though I won’t be able to share everything, due to obvious GDPR constraints. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, I hope the return to school goes as smoothly as possible. Stay safe. 


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Bullet Journal setup using EBDUK Stickers