Back to School and Beyond

By Design Team - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


For the first time in 26 years, I am not returning to school or education in September. It’s a very strange feeling. I am starting a new work adventure, which of course means a new work planner! To get inspiration though, I have been through past work planners which has made me smile. In this post, I am sharing some of my favourite back to school planner things.


Passion Planner planning

Obviously, the planner is the first thing! I have used a diary and a notebook to record things for school since I was 16 and this didn’t change as I became a teacher. I used a teacher planner and a notebook and then a bullet journal and teacher planner. All of which I liked to be colour coded and pretty! So that obviously means stickers and washi (although it was coloured pens and highlighters for many years before that!).


Passion Planner for School

One of my favourite labels to have been produced is the apple event label. There is something about colourful apples that makes me think of school. These labels have been used in a lot of different ways, but mostly, they go in my personal planner to record things related to school. I would fill them with assemblies, duties, deadlines, trips and anything else that I would need to remember. In the same way, they can be included in any spread to record what’s going on. I also used them in my work planner if I wanted certain events to really standout such as meetings.


Penguin Joe back to school

Next, is everyone’s favourite Penguin Joe! Another lovely addition to my personal planner for events or just a bit of fun in my teacher planner. I’ve been through lots of these, but that’s because I use them in my personal and work planners. There is just something about that Last Day of School sticker that brings a smile to my face!


Passion Planner planning

Lastly, is the school days collection. Now I am not a pink person, but the combination of prints, patterns and colours really made me fall in love with this collection. Its not full on comic back to school, but there is something about this that for me, is more back to school. Its like a grown up back to school which I really appreciate.

Despite all of the changes, to me the academic year is how I work and September is the start of the year in England. So happy new school year everyone and however you mark it in your planner, I hope it’s a good one!


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