And So the Adventure begins..... with Penguin Joe of course!

 By Creative Planning Team Member - Vic Walters

I love travelling and in the past few years my hubby and I have been on some amazing adventures.
International, UK, long haul, mini weekends; whatever the trip I always take my planner and planner supplies with me. But what do I take? I thought I'd share with you my go to items that travel with me.

So firstly, it is a long or short trip? To be honest it doesn't matter where we go, that's the first thing in the planner. Length of trip means different supplies. So for a longer trip, more than 3 nights, I will take more supplies, I will have more baggage so I can fit more in. So these are generally my long trip supplies.

Planner travel setup with EBDUK Stickers

My planner of course, washi (@vixwashiwizardry), all the stickers, and my Delphonics pouch of "stuff" (a selection of pens, pencils, paintbrushes, glue, white out, clips, tweezers,) and of course my sampler book fits perfectly into there. I also take my EBDUK Sticker Binder as I have more room. In it are more of my functional rainbow sheets, my Penguin Joe collection and some kits.

For a shorter trip I take far less supplies (spot the difference).

Travelling with my planner and EllieBeth Designs UK stickers

My Delphonics pouch still travels with me but I take a smaller pencil case, to split off writing supplies to actually take with me on day trips; pens, washi, and my sampler sticker book. This is a great size now and great for this purpose. As well as the samplers received with orders I've also added some Mini Sampler Grab Bags so I really do have a great selection for any on-the-go planning.

Sticker sampler book by Vic Walters with EBDUK Stickers

For this shorter trip though I don't take as many stickers. My EBDUK Binder doesn't make the bag this time as my sampler book is ample. I also throw in some of the Penguin for Every Occasion sheets (there are still a few available in the shop sale section), some Day to Day Life sheets, and also some washi sheets. When I hole punch my sheets for my binder I remove the washi strips on the left side first. I put them all on a used sticker paper sheet, perfect for travelling!

Washi strips from EBDUK

What planner supplies do you take with you when you travel?

Out and about with EBDUK stickers

Wherever you go, happy, safe travelling stickeraters!

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Penguin Joe from EBDUK