Anatomy of a planner layout

By The Creative Planning Team

The Creative Planning Team are taking a closer look at the elements that make up their planner layouts and how they make the whole overview come together.
Robyn Dexter-Attwood
EBDUK stickers in a weekly planner layout
There are a few things I like to have in my planner spreads mostly aimed at supporting my mental health. For this spread, I’ve tried to put them together in a horizontal layout in my Amplify planner weekly page, using the March Stickerate Monthly. For each day, there are four sections. Under the day stickers, I have space to record events and things that are happening, usually with other stickers to make them stand out. Next there is a space for priority tasks for the day. Next, there are two sections for recording based on my prompts to keep me going. These vary between just having headers or having half boxes for them. Contribution, self-care and gratitude. For this spread, I’ve used a half box for self-care and then some of the rainbow headers for gratitude. While they’re not part of the collection, they do fit well.  There's then several spaces around the edge with space for weekly tasks, reminders and encouraging quotes of some kind. 

Korrie-Ann Peters
KAP planner with EBDUK stickers
For this one I have chosen my A5 Agenda. The thing I love most is the ability to add and remove pages, the creative part is what drew me to planning in the first place. Creating dashboards/ pockets etc. For May I have used the notecard that came in the stickerate monthly to create a bookmark.
My inserts are a weekly layout with an overview and notes page. The stickerate monthly sheets give me the freedom to add them where I want across my pages. 
I like to add little details to pull my planner together, wether it’s matching reinforcers or adding a matching pen, clips and ephemera.

Katie Teage
Personal sized 6 ring planner with EBDUK stickers
My current planner layout has been with me for about 6 weeks now. The inserts I use are roughly based on the Hobonichi Weeks layout but with a few different structured sections. Because of this my must have sheet is the min weeks sheet that comes with all the collections and stickerate monthly subscriptions. I use the date strip with date stickers down one side and then use the variety of appointment labels throughout the week so I can see my overview. I then add decorative strips of washi to the top and bottom. Since the release of the mini penguins I have started to incorporate them into my highly functional spreads. I also recently asked for some custom mini sheets of text so that I could just stick down words or appointments that repeats weekly. I’m feeling a bit of the ‘planner itch’ creating in… so watch this space for new inserts and new layouts coming soon! 

Helen Worsford
Ringed planner with EBDUK stickers
It's time to share my current set-up of my personal planner.  Well, I am still in my Louis Vuitton A5 rings. Following a video blog from Rachel last month.  I made some new dividers, with some Custom Order Stickers.  I created some dividers from paper chase, "Butterfly Gardens" and created a set of personalised dividers to create my life planner.   I used my tab punch to create the matching tabs.
My set up dividers are,  Things to do , Shopping List, Planner Time, Finance, Goals, Wellness, Gratitude, vision Board, Craft Plans, Cleaning.
My daily planning and tracking for now is still in Erin Condren Daily Duo and loving the Lavender set-up. 
I am really loving this set-up and taking time to set each section up.  It's great to have everything in one place.  

Suzanne Roberts
Erin Condren planner with EBDUK stickers
Firstly washi tape always frames the page. Sidebar decoration features highly. I will always try to find a full decorative box for the top corner and then I move onto my weekly list of important things to do. I sometimes include a menu list for meal planning and I always use habit trackers to cover the month at the bottom of the column. Lists always feature quite highly within my spreads. I'm one of those planners who loves seeing a list ticked off and completed. This is why I always choose a weekly vertical layout. It suits my planning style. Another major feature in my layouts has to be half boxes. They're just such a perfect size. I find appointment labels a little small for some events especially if I want to write some detail in. 

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By Creative Planning Team - Katie Teage
A trip down memory lane, and the future of planning?
I came  to planning when I was 33/34 ish? I followed beauty bloggers on YouTube and Elle Fowler pulled out an EC. I was like ‘omg, I need this more than life itself’.

Why did I think this? To me it was the first time I had seen my brain represented on paper. Vertical, colourful, totally personalised and 100%reward motivation (well done stickers!). I followed all of the Etsy links to all of the shops and realised that shipping from the USA was ridiculous. Cue ‘click shop location’ and my love affair with EllieBeth Designs UK started.

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