All I want for Planner Christmas!

By the Creative Planning Team

The holiday season is upon us with all the treat and celebrations it entails. This week the CPT are sharing their planner Christmas wishes, will it be more time, a new planner, better systems? Grab a cuppa and read on. xx

Robyn Dexter-Attwood

EBDUK Stickers for and Erin Condren planner

This was a tough one this year until I opened the Advent Experience for day 18. This was a header sheet, but the combination of headers is what I use the most in my set up as I use them my mental health spreads. So, all I want for planner Christmas is simply one of these sheets in every single colour!

Suzanne Roberts

EBDUK stickers in an EC Planner

This Christmas I cant wait to get stuck into stickerating my new A5 EC Daily Duo.
I've used the daily duo 7 x 9 previously and for my birthday this year I got the A5 ready to start using in 2022. I've been pre buying kits since November from each new #WNW and the brighten up event and I really can't wait to get some me time whilst Ian is off for the holidays and get my new planner set up. 

Korrie-ann Peters

EBDUK stickers with Christmas

I always struggle when I’m asked what I would like for Christmas, I’m too busy deciding what to buy for everyone else but after giving it some thought I think I would like some mildliner pens, I see so many lovely layouts using them and would love to try them out. Have you used them let me know your thoughts. I will also need a new bullet journal to go with them of course haha. Probably another scribbles that matter journal as I love the two I have already, I have journaled planned and even used it for mixed media.  

Angelique Patnett

BuJo for Christmas with EBDUK stickers

Plans are up in the air this year so to help me stay positive I've decided to reflect on different Christmas traditions/activities from years past.

I've created a "Christmas, Then and Now" spread using washi and deco from the FaLalalala kit and Christmas activities 2021 sheets.

I have immigrated three times in my life and have experienced lots of new Christmas traditions over the years. It always brings a smile to my face remembering my first mince pie, my first hot weather Christmas and my first Christmas as a wife. Whatever your Christmas plans this year, find time to breath look around you and find a reason to smile and be grateful.

Katie Teage

EBDUK Christmas stickers

When it comes to Christmas planning starting early is my friend. This year I’ve been sorting and collecting presents for my little one from Facebook Marketplace, stashing them in the loft and making a list in my planner and then decorating that with some cute little deco stickers, this started in the summer. 

Work wise, as a musician and a teacher, Christmas gets very, very busy so just making sure that I keep up to date with each week is so important. 

I often dream of having a dedicated Christmas planner but at the moment that is simply not attainable. Keeping on top of the now is the most important think and the weeks core sheet is 100% my go to sheet for this. It has everything I need and more to just get everything out of my head for each week and organised in front of me. 

Helen Worlsford

Planner stack for Christmas with EBDUK stickers 

“Time for me to plan, dream and create”
My Christmas Holidays start on the 17th December and I can’t wait  -  For months now I have been dreaming of a break, pure indulgent time for me, 19 days off work . My 2022 planner stack has arrived (just),   My stickers order from Brighten up weekend are all of there way, my sticker stash is all organised and sticker books topped up,  and I am  ready to have some series planning and fun .  Setting up for 2022. It’s time to set out my 5 year life goal planning and I cant wait .  My chosen set up for 2022 is all Erin Condren, with EllieBeth Design stickers.   I will be spending my 19 days at home and relaxing with family this year, I intend to spend my time planning, organising , sewing and a little bit of crochet and knitting.  Just to show a balanced life I will be going for nice walks and on my E-bike too.

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