All I want for "Planner" Christmas

By The EBDUK Design Team -

The Design Team have had a busy year sharing their ideas and tips with you but in a quieter moment recently our thoughts turned to Christmas and we managed to take some time out together to chat about our individual "All I want for "Planner" Christmas" ideas and wishes - Here's a little insight into what each one of us has on their Christmas wish list. 

Christmas planner wishes pic

Robyn -

I don’t think I want much for planner Christmas this year. I mean there are always other planners to try and there's always stickers and washi! I suppose I would really like a large collection of metal discs for my Happy Planners - the metal ones on the faith planner are gorgeous and they turn so smoothly! Also, one of the dashboard layout extension packs as these would be brilliant for work. On the practical side of things, I would love some form of organiser for all my goodies that also allows me to travel around the house. At the moment I just stuff it all in a bag and then almost upend the bag to find what I want! I’m sure we can all imagine the look of horror on my husband’s face when this happens in the living room! I think he would appreciate this as well! 

Merry Christmas - xx


 Galen cover photo

Linsay -

For the most part I don’t actually want or need anything planner related as I’ve already picked up my 2019 planners, I have a ton of stickers which I’ve been saving up for the New Year and I have my new fountain pen and rollerball pens all ready to go. BUT, if I really had to pick something, I’d probably chose a Galen cover for my a5 planner to match the one on my Hobonichi weeks. My weeks cover is purple but there are so many gorgeous colours I’d maybe have to choose something different.

Now, do I go for blue, or green, or pink, or brown, or...

Happy Christmas  xx


Distressed Inks on Sophie's wishlist


Sophie - 

All I want for Christmas ……….  A lot of things.  But other than the most obvious choice of stickers are some Watercolours and Distress Inks. I’ve decided in 2019 I want to become more creative. And after admiring Natalie’s inserts for some time now I’ve decided I’m going to give it a try. I love the way her stickers and pages complement each other and I want this! So, I’ve added these to an Amazon wish list so fingers crossed I get something to play with over the holidays! I don’t like getting messy hands so these would be perfect for me to add a bit of colour to my pages!

Wishing you a Happy Christmas xx



 Desley's wishlist bag

Desley -

All I want for “Planner Christmas”? That’s a tough one. These days I’ve reached the point where if I really want something, I pick it up for myself. I have my 2019 planner line up ready to go and we’ll be sharing those soon. I have all the tools I need.... I think.... I have been tempted by a new handbag. It’s a fabulous pink leather tote - big enough to fit my planner and my laptop and the colour is just so perfectly me. I would also love for the magic fairies to come to my house and clean up and revamp my office to create a new planning space. Is that too much to ask for?! 

Have a great Christmas  xx


Bullet Journal book 


Natalie –

I knew what I wanted for “planner” Christmas, the moment I heard about it - It’s Ryder Carroll’s new book: The Bullet Journal Method. I’ve been bullet journaling for a few years now, so you’d think I’d know pretty much all there is to know about this relatively simple method of planning, but I’ve heard other seasoned bullet journallers say that it’s helped them get ‘back to basics’ and remember why they started bullet journaling in the first place. I’m really looking forward to reading it, both as a refresher and as a source of new ideas!

Merry Christmas Everyone  xx


Sharon's planner goals pic

Sharon -

I love looking at everyone's wishes for their "Planner" Christmas. As I'm trying to consolidate and downsize "stuff" mine isn't a tangible thing. For Christmas this year I really wish for the inspiration and guidance to create a set of goals and routines that compliment all the really gorgeous things I have already collected for my stickerating and planning. I finally have a great day-to-day planner system that I can pretty much take into any planner and works for me. I've chosen the word "Challenge" for next year - I want to challenge myself to complete all sorts of projects and to be outside my normal comfort zone. So I'm asking the "Planner Fairies" to help me create the goals.... and give me the motivation that I need to complete them and see me through next year.

Have a great Holiday Season and Merry Christmas xx


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