A5 Daily Duo Planning

By Creative Planning Team Member - Sharon Gubby

The sun is shining, the weather is warm and I have pretty new stickers to use in a new planner - what could be better!

I've recently moved my daily planning into the new A5 daily duo from Erin Condren and this week I'm using the new 'Aloha' collection in beautiful vinyl to decorate my planning. The A5 size is new and yet to have collections designed specifically for it so I wanted to see what flexibility and fit I have from my normal choices and supplies of EBDUK stickers - I wasn't disappointed at all!!


Monthly layout:

A5 Daily Duo monthly layout with EBDUK stickers

I've used the A5 monthly sheet for this layout. Firstly I always re-organise my month so that is runs Monday to Sunday and the days of the week stickers are ideal for this and fit perfectly. I have a Mid Century Circle A5 and the minimal decoration at the top of the page was easy to cover with white sticker paper under the header washi strips. The sidebar fits beautifully down the side of the page and the skinny washi is idea to mark off and decorate the 'blank days' at the start and end of the month. A little decoration and it's ready to go.


Daily pages:

A5 Daily Duo daily pages with EBDUK Stickers

I've always used the weekly core, half boxes and event labels for my 7x9 planning so I decided to stay with this for my A5 daily pages and see how they work. There are lots of ways to manage the down scaling of size from 7x9 to A5.  The timed column is narrower and since 2 stickers don't fit side by side across the it I've layered and overlapped stickers where tasks and events happen at the same time. It makes for a productive use of space and means everything has it's own sticker space.

A5 Daily Duo with EBDUK stickers

Since I don't use the 6am-8am slots in my planner very often I've found that the small elements on any deco sheet make fab covers for the time and pretty 'bullet point' elements.

Half boxes or full boxes cover the mini calendar, especially as I have moved into my planner early and am using May and June 2022 at the moment! Regular appointment and event labels fit in the hourly slot really well and I love the overall look.

To Do List:

A5 Daily Duo daily and to do pages with EBDUK stickers

In the new A5 Daily Duo Saturday and Sunday have their own page but I decided this week to try something different and combine Sat/Sun and use Sunday's page as a to do list for this week.  Skinny washi covered the times, event labels with some deco make a lovely header and some added deco made everything come together.

I haven't had to change my sticker choices at all to make the A5 layouts and dailies work which is wonderful. EBDUK stickers are so versatile and the new vinyl is amazing, with it's beautiful rich, vivid colours and wonderful smooth looks.


Added Pretties:

Erin Condren Hourly Monthly layout with EBDUK stickers

I've also moved my weekly planning into my new Erin Condren hourly planner and just so I can share my love of it here's a picture of the 'Aloha' monthly skeleton in June and the weekly core in the weekly layout. I use this planner to time block my week before adding the specific daily tasks to my new A5 daily duo. I find this makes me far more productive as each task has an allocated space but I have space to break down tasks with specific information.

Erin Condren Hourly weekly layout with EBDUK stickers


So if you have a new A5 Daily Duo you can find all the stickers you need to make it look beautiful without having to change your whole sticker collection.


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Erin Condren A5 Daily Duo with EBDUK stickers