A week in the life of Penguin Joe!

By Creative Planning Team Lead - Sharon Gubby
He's small, he's cute and he has a busy life! Penguin Joe is a wonderful little bird and a lovely addition to any planner. This week he's joining me on my travels; with my tasks, and helping to make the week look happy.
Our little friend comes in 2 sizes which makes him perfect for daily, weekly and monthly layouts.

Erin Condren planner with EBDUK stickers and Penguin Joe
For my monthly layout I've used the November #stickerateMONTHLY kit with the beautiful Owls as my basis. I prefer a traditional Monday-Sunday timeline with my weekend days together so I re-date my monthly layout to reflect this. It's really easy with the monthly kits as the day headers are separate so you can choose how to use them. I use the 'spare' boxes where there are no days to add visible reminders of a few basic goals that I want to achieve during the month. It means that they visible each time I look at my monthly layout. A gentle nudge if you like! 

At the side of my layout I use the individual boxes for major events for the month and more reminders of bigger events and tasks. The bigger Penguin Joe's are ideal for this. I especially love the 'Penguin Joe Plans' with the little guy waving stickers around for #WNW and its new release reminders.  I've also used the 'Camping Penguin Joe' for Animal Crossing reminders.

Erin Condren Planner with EBDUK stickers and Penguin Joe
For my weekly layout I've used the Charity collection from December 'Penguin Joe Returns'  for the basics and boxes and then a myriad of Joe's for my activities. One of my favourites is 'Penguin Joe goes swimming'  - I needed an excuse to buy these stickers because of how cute they are so I use the little mermaid, swimming ring and snorkel guys for anything plumbing or water related. 
EC weekly layout with EBDUK stickers
I love layering the stickers together - it adds depth and dimension to my planner, as well as making it look pretty. 

Erin Condren A5 daily duo with EBDUK Penguin Joe stickers 
I use an A5 Daily Duo from Erin Condren for daily planning. This week I've carried the theme from my weekly to my daily. I have lots of plain boxes in my sticker storage which means I can layer them with Penguin Joe and still have plenty of space for writing.

There are really so many ways to include Penguin Joe in your planner. What's your favourite?

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