A week in the life of my Planners V2 - Lockdown edition!

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood


Passion Planners with EBDUK stickers in

Back in March, just before we were subjected to the endless uncertainty of 2020, I did a blog on a week in the life of my planners where I shared the use of my different planners during a week. 8 Months on, we’re entering a second Lockdown and a time to review my planners, what I’m using and what I may use for 2021. This is my planner week which starts on a Thursday.


Passion Planner with EBDUK stickers

Thursdays are when I usually sit down and start planning out the week ahead. This week has definitely not gone to plan, and as I sit looking at my planner for the week, it's really been under utilised compared to normal. I’ve used Woodland Whimsy for this week which I really like. Rather than get set for the next week, I am spending my time having a bit of a catch up. I need a bit more time to think about next week anyway. Trusty mixed event labels on standby, along with the decorative full boxes. I don’t often use these unless I really really like a collection but they do come in handy for filling space where I don’t use it or feel inspired by it. I’m saving my planning for next week until tomorrow.


Passion Planner and EBDUK stickers

The bulk of today has been pure functional pen only in my bullet journal. I’ve had a bit of a bullet journal crisis of identity lately even though I know its something that works for me and has done for the past 4 ½ years. I’m currently using an Extra Large Dotted Moleskine notebook. I use it predominantly for work at the moment with pages for notes for other things as and when they come up. It's been really good while we work on the house to keep track of what is being done in each room. I like to use days and dates for a splash of colour and half boxes to help identify different things in the day. This week its Autumn Story from a recent throwback Thursday.



It's the first Saturday in a while where I haven't had to do anything in the house, and we haven’t had the in-laws round to assist us in doing things in the house. I am taking the advantage and going for a major sticker therapy session. (This is a thing and Rachel even has stickers for it!). I’ve raided my storage folders for some more wintery stickers to use this week as we’ve finally caved and put the heating on! I’ve settled on Winter’s Fantasy from last year, mainly because I have absolutely loads of it. The timelines are out again this week in my Passion Planner due to it being a part work week. I’ve got a list it and track it sheet so I’m using the headers for a bit of structure and a weekly box for my meal planning. I’ve gone all out with boxes and labels this week to build up the gorgeous colour scheme.


Today, I’m just having a day! By the time I’ve done the shopping in the morning for us and my parents and then delivered it, I’m just about ready to call it a day! But, there is one thing that I want to get done today and that is to complete my monthly reflection in my Passion Planner for October. This is usually a minimal page, but I’ve started to use the rainbow review sheet  to simply mark the page. I’ve found this really helpful particularly when I use an undated planner. The review pages don't have the month on them and its just a helpful indicator as you’re flicking through your planner.


Passion Planner and EBDUK yearly stickers

Starting some 2021 planner prep today! I’ve got a spiral bound medium Passion Planner for part of my set up for next year. It's exciting as it's the first spiral bound that they’ve done. There's no major difference other than a slight reduction in width in some of the measurements. At the moment, I’ve just added a few simple bits to get me started. One of the first things that I always put on a new planner is a vinyl name decal. I just like them and it definitely marks it as mine! I quite often add a Penguin Joe vinyl as well but I haven't got any at the moment (makes note in planner to add a couple to my next order). I’ve then used one of the new Hobonichi sheets (R253A) to add some colour to the calendar pages. The monthly headers aren’t a perfect fit, but it'

s close enough for me. I’ve then used some of the washi strips to create a quarterly page on some dot grid paper that I’ve then used to cover 2022.


Passion Planner layout with EBDUK stickers

Today is a usual planner day. Bullet journal during the day for work, flicking back and forth between my work pages and general brain dump for the day. Passion Planner open on the stand with my priorities. Then evening check in. Review the day, offload my brain into my bullet journal and then move priorities into my Passion Planner. Complete the tracking for the day as well. 


Ok, so planning didn’t happen today. We’re slowly doing up the house and the only thing my planner did was move downstairs with me in the morning and then back upstairs in the evening. It wasn’t even opened! And that is totally ok


Horizontal EC with EBDUK stickers 

We’re back to where we began on a Thursday. Another day of decorating and moving furniture and scraping wallpaper! But a major sticker therapy session in the evening. I’ve dug out an old stashed kit to use in my wellness planner for next week and am using some little but fierce in my Passion Planner. This has been one of my favourite designs ever and I really love the green colour that Rachel pulled out in the most recent version. At the moment not using the timelines is working well as we’re in lockdown and nothing is really changing much. It gives me a bit more space to prioritise the important things for each day and record whats been going on.


Passion Planner weekly layout with EBDUK stickers


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Passion Planner and EBDUK stickers