A Week in My Planners

By Creative Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood
At the moment, I am fully embracing the view of who cares if I have multiple planners or not! As long as I get things done, and enjoy what I'm doing, should it matter. With that in mind, here is a week in my planners! 
It all starts on a Sunday…well, some of it starts on a Thursday, but the purposes of today it all starts on a Sunday......
A week in my Planner Passion Planner 

I gather my main planners and set out the week. I always have my main Medium Passion Planner, and then the rest depends upon how I feel at the time. This week, I've started with my bullet journal as well. I'm having a few issues with bullet journals at the moment, so I'm using the method within my Passion Planner and my bullet journal for more of a focus on wellness and longhand journaling. An array of Little but fierce stickers decorate my Passion Planner and a Fairy Magic A5 core sheet has been cut up for the basis of my wellness spread. Of course I have a healthy supply of rainbow sheets which has helped add a bit more colour to this as well as making certain things stand out. I don’t need to use stickers for this, but I like to! 
Monday is straight into work and only work this week as its half term so there is no Guides. Today I've only remembered to take my Happy Notes to work. This is my work notebook which is actually a bullet journal. It’s a pen only affair with the bullet journal method running throughout it. Its working brilliantly well for me at the moment and ironically, writing lots of things down is helping me super productive (in IT!). By the time I get home today, I am exhausted. I have been too productive today. I know that seems strange but in the interest of balance, being too productive is a real issue for me and my energy levels. I manage to go through my list for the day and that’s about it.
I love Tuesdays! Tuesdays are my work at home days which means I get a little extra me time at the end of the day. Today I also have my support group as well. Happy Notes are still in play but when it comes to going out today, I take my small Passion Planner. I'm trying to travel light when not at work and this is helping. I don't need to but its in my bag. Tuesday evening is definitely a quiet evening for me and because of the extra time, I decide to play around with my newest addition to the planner collection - a skinny, classic sized Happy Planner. I have a few bits of sheets left over that I haven't quite found a good fit for yet and so I settle down to an evening at my desk to play around. I love how functional this feels and how simple it can be.

Bullet Journal notebook

Struggling today. Its not a good day and I don't feel like much after work. However, I make the point of sitting down and catching up on the gratitude prompts on my monthly spread. Making the effort to focus on positives can be really hard, but today I'm glad I've done it.

How do I describe Thursday? Relentless springs to mind! By the time I actually stop, my husband is telling me I need to take some time and not worry about anything. I decide that some time journalling is probably a good idea. At this point I also realise that I have been useless at keeping up with my wellness tracking so far this week. That’s the focus then. This is something that is really helpful for me still. I can see patterns and having it as a focus helps keep me on a positive track. When it slips, it's usually an early warning sign that I need to stop and regroup a little bit.

Monthly Gratitude in a Passion Planner
Friday is a bonus day off, and a lovely day out with my mum. Of course a planner is with me, and once again its my small Passion Planner. It does come out while we're having breakfast and its at this point I realise I barely have anything in it for the week! Never mind. When I get home, there is a delivery of new planner goodies which I will remain quiet about for the time being, but does involve wellness and health.

Small Passion Planner layout 
Today was a lazy morning with a journal and my passion planner. I set up my March monthly spread ready to add in the gratitude prompts once they came out and did some journaling for me. Then it was date night and enjoying our Christmas present from my sister at the theatre. And yes, I took a planner with me, once again my small passion planner.

Lazy Sunday Planning in a Passion Planner 
Sunday's planning forms two parts, a review of the week just gone and then setting up the week ahead. On this occasion my focus has been on my small and large Passion Planners with the Miaow collection. I can’t decide which size I like most at the moment so I'm using all of them! After review the week just gone, I've gone for a time based spread in my small as my carry around so I can see whats going on. I probably need to do a few weeks in this so I can get ahead of myself and know whats on the horizon. In my large, I have ignored the timelines and gone for a mix of wellness and function so I can add in short bits of journalling around health, wellness of just day to day things as the week goes on.

No week ever looks the same in my planner or in the way I plan throughout the week and I already know next week is going to be different with the events we have going on. But the thing I am coming to accept more and more, is that I enjoy sticker therapy, I enjoy writing things down and I enjoy trying things out. For that you need multiple planners and that is completely OK.
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 Passion Planner and a week's planning