A trip down memory lane and the future of planning?

By Creative Planning Team - Katie Teage

I came  to planning when I was 33/34 ish? I followed beauty bloggers on YouTube and Elle Fowler pulled out an EC. I was like ‘omg, I need this more than life itself’.

Why did I think this? To me it was the first time I had seen my brain represented on paper. Vertical, colourful, totally personalised and 100% reward motivation (well done stickers!). I followed all of the Etsy links to all of the shops and realised that shipping from the USA was ridiculous. Cue ‘click shop location’ and my love affair with EBDUK started.

Filofax with EBDUK stickers - personal size

I tried Filofax, I tried other planners but eventually I caved and bought my first vertical EC. I LOVED it. I took it everywhere. I documented my life and it was so vibrant and colourful. I lived out all of my stationery obsessions and my ‘collection’ grew. I think this was a big part of it for me at the beginning. The ‘I have to have it all’ mindset came in and it became my major focus - a hyper-focus if you will. So much of my time went into my planner and I loved every moment. I also started chatting to people online, made a planner related Instagram and even organised a European wide planner event! I went so far down the rabbit hole of cute planner things!

Communities seemed to be popping up everywhere, there was loads of drama, lots of meet ups but also there was lots of love and support especially in the EBDUK community. This was a big thing. I made new like minded friends and I also could see other peoples ideas for their ‘no white space’ spreads…. I was big into that!

EBDUK stickers in a personal filofax

Planning, memory keeping, journaling, TNs, Ring Planners, a fascination with different kinds of leathers, the ‘will you get a customs charge’ gamble, ALL of this… I was there.

Then we fell pregnant and I was really sick, like lots of the sickness and I couldn’t focus on paper, let alone stick stickers… I couldn’t keep up with my sticker community, keep my career going and focus on the day so it all slipped away from me for a bit.

Travellers notebook with EBDUK stickers

I was still planning, but it was BASIC

Lots of people asked if I was ok and I kept quiet until we announced baby Teage, then I could explain but I still didn’t want to plan in the way I had been.

Little O was born and then I wanted to get back into documenting and planning but just for me…. So I moved away from the social media side of planning and my Instagram feed fell quiet… then it got hacked… so I left it.

I didn’t lose all my planner friends and at Easter 2019 I took Little O to Cambs planner con and my love for planning (and community) was reborn, and my love for passion planner started.

Then I was seeing more and more info about bullet journalists and fell down the artist bullet journal rabbit hole! I couldn’t keep that up and then the pandemic hit and BANG no plans. I felt the community took a big hit there and I ultimately think that the community is still recovering from that. I feel that the pandemic started a massive interest in the ‘neutral’ planning movement too and away from cuteness in a colourful way…

Travellers Notebook with EBDUK stickers

After many discussions with Rachel during the pandemic I went back to ring planning. It’s the perfect mix of bullet journaling and structure that my brain needs. Need a new sheet of paper? Add one in. Want a vertical spread? Print it out. Etc.

So where are we all now. I think we are recovering from the pandemic, in a global economic nightmare and people are being hit by a cost of living crisis. For me, the stickerate monthly is such good value, I can get over a month out of it for my planning style at the moment.

What’s your planner history?  How has your style changed over the years?

Let me know 

Katie xxx


Coming Next Week:

By Creative Planning Team - Helen Worsfold

The Importance of Self Care: 

This month there seems to be a real buzz again around the whole planning community, which is great to see, especially as we reach that point of ordering our mid-season planners, (Erin Condren seems to have stolen my money).

However, my heart seems to have been touched by two of the kits this month from EllieBeth Design, the May monthly Stickerate and Spa Date who would have known how perfect these were for me at this point in my life.  –  Coco Daisey, April and May inserts, and dashboards seem to have dropped into my basket, just because I loved the designs. (See point 5) 

You can find Katie, Helen and the rest of the Creative Planning Team and their social media links HERE.