A Trip Down Memory Lane

By Creative Planning Team Member - Robyn Dexter-Attwood @

As a Passion Planner fan, one of the things I enjoy is the way it guides you to reflect on different things. I’ve built review and reflection into a lot of my planning routines and that this time of year that includes looking back through old planners. Here are some of my favourite past spreads


Passion Planner Classic – August 2018

Passion Planner Classic with EBDUK Stickers

This is one of my favourite spreads in the larger size Passion Planner and this design is definitely one that I bought repeatedly.  It is also a spread I’ve come back to multiple times because I just like the way it ended up


Erin Condren Vertical – February 2017

Erin Condren Classic 2017 with EBDUK stickers

This is from an early vertical spread while I was still getting to grips with planning and stickers and not being too overwhelmed. I also loved the colours in this kit. The thing I always come back to when I look at this is the pale habit tracker sticker. I decided to highlight each day on it a different colour as a mood tracker. Its something I think I’m going to reinstate in my spreads


Medium Passion Planner – December 2020

Medium Passion Planner with EBDUK stickers

I just like this spread. It's one of my favourite Winter/Christmas collections so far. It’s a layout I really like and worked really well. The stickers are from the previous year and I had plenty left over.


Medium Passion Planner – January 2021

Medium Passion Planner with EBDUK stickers

I love the greens in this spread. Looking back through my planners, I was drawn to the spreads that were predominantly green and I think its because there are so few of them. This used stickers from the Advent experience box and I just like how the week came together.


Gratitude spread – December 2018

Gratitude spread with EBDUK stickers

This is the first time I used the monthly spread for the EllieBeth Gratitude challenge and the second month after it started. I love how it came together and its how I’ve used my monthly Passion Planner spreads ever since. There are some I like some more than others, but this is where it all started. Its unlikely to change anytime soon!

There are many more spreads I could include, but the whole process has given me a lot of inspiration ready for setting up my 2022 planners. Over the next week, why not try it yourself? You never know what you may find that will inspire you!


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