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Planner tabs 

Greetings and welcome back to the blog. I thought today I would share with you how you can set up a new planner to be simple and functional, but also fun and bright and colourful.

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to see the number of sections that come in a new planner and it can be a struggle to work out how to fill them all. I find it useful to just ignore the existing dividers and make my own. But before I even begin to look at all the pretty papers with which to make my dividers, I sit down with a notebook and list out all the things I want to keep track of.

For this planner setup, I wanted to have a section for calendar planning – I wanted to use monthly and weekly inserts, and maybe some space for daily planning when it’s necessary.

Monthly page header 

I also knew I wanted to really work on some goals. I have a few different parts to my life – everyday work, my side business in photography, another side business in social media marketing, my planner social media – and I have goals and plans for each aspect. I could have different sections for each, but some of those goals are intertwined and dependent on each other. Also the process of tracking goals is quite specific, so I think it’s useful to have them all in one section.

Goals tab planner picture

It’s always useful to have a section for Lists. Sometimes, I can’t decide between Lists or Notes, but by my reasoning, Notes can go in the notepad in the back of the planner. In terms of Lists, I wanted to start keeping separate lists of favourite things each month, for writing down restaurants, bars, books, movies that I want to try.

Finally, I wanted to add a Projects section. I’m going to be travelling to Europe early next year (I’m in Australia). I’m also designing our Annual Report at the moment, and I’ll soon be redeveloping our website. I have quite a few projects on the go, so I’d like to have those in a separate section.

Creative pack dashboard

Now for the fun stuff. I love this Totally Tropical Creative Pack and I was dying to set it up in this new B6 planner. The Creative Pack comes with Tabs and Labels for the dividers, so I simply cut the papers to B6 size and then attached the Labels. I added some washi to reinforce the edge where I would be punching holes, but if I was laminating these dividers, I wouldn’t bother with the washi. The pack comes with beautiful vellum and acetate as well, so I cut those to B6 too and added the same washi to keep it cohesive.

Vellum dashboard in planner

 Pretty vellum inserts 

The great thing about using a Creative Pack like this is that you get a whole bunch of matching accessories. I used the journaling card and die cuts in the front pockets of my planner, but I could also have used them to further decorate the dividers if I’d wanted to. I think these papers are fun enough that I didn’t need to add anything else to the dividers.

Creative pack vinyl diecuts

Speaking of the papers, I had enough offcuts to create some simple page markers. Add a label and I now have a way to easily locate my current spread, and to separate the Goals and Gratitude sections from each other.

 This month tab in ringed planner

 Bookmark from a creative pack


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