A Few of My Favourite Spreads

By Creative Planning Team Member - Natalie Bowers

Hello! It’s Natalie here, back for my last blog post as an EBDUK Creative Planning Team member. I’ve been on the CPT for the last 18 months and have had a fab time stickerating my bullet journal and sharing my planning with you, so I thought, before I go, I’d share with you some more close-ups of my favourite stickers and spreads from my time on the team.

First up, we travel back in time to April 2020 and the Kindness collection. I loved the contrasting colours and spring-time flowers as well as the dragonflies buzzing around. The folk-art style of illustration was right up my street too – one of the things I adore about EBDUK stickers is the wonder and whimsy that Rachel brings to them.

Monthly header in a BuJo - EBDUK stickers

Next, we stay in April 2020, but we have a different collection: Wish, which features more wonder and whimsy, but this time it’s all watercoloury with soft, gentle pastels. Very different from the contrast and contours of Kindness, but just as beautiful and rather restful.

Day headers in BuJo EBDUK stickers

Moving on, we visit May 2020 and a rainbow week. For this, I used a whole bunch of colourful stickers for my weekly schedule, including the A5 Day Cover Strips which are so versatile.

Monthly layout with EBDUK stickers

In late 2020 there were so many fantastic autumnal collections, that if I were to list them all, we’d be here forever, so I’ve just picked a couple. First, we have the atmospheric Woodland Whimsy collection. The deep teals really spoke to my soul, and the curvy, playful deco stickers made my heart happy.

Deco stickers from EBDUK in a BuJo

Speaking of playful, next we have the sweet little fox who made an appearance in the Heartfelt collection. As November has 30 days in it, I used half boxes to create a perfectly balanced gratitude log, with 15 on either side of the spread.

Half box stickers in. BuJo - EBDUK stickers

Skipping forward a little, we land in the new year and the Hello 2021 collection. I had to buy every sheet in this collection as the colours and florals took me to my happy place. As well as the lighter peaches and golds, there were some delicious inky blacks – warm and cosy meets the depths of winter.

EBDUK stickers decorating a BuJo

In February 2021, I used the A5 monthly sheet from the True Love collection to set up a calendar-style gratitude log. I appreciate how Rachel always creates some non-romantic love-themed collections for February. The deep teals in this reminded me of the Woodland Whimsy collection and made my heart just as happy.

BuJo with EBDUK stickers

Leaving the darker colours behind, Spring was in the air in March, so I used the beautiful Meadow collection. The deco stickers, especially, were bursting with new life and reminded me that warmer weather was on the way.

EBDUK deco in a BuJo

For my cover page in April, I simply used the postcard sticker from the 'Hope Whispers' Limited Edition Mini Creative Pack that was released to celebrate EBDUK’s 6th birthday. Such an easy yet beautiful way to start a new month, and a much-needed reminder to keep on keeping on.

Quote diecut in a BuJo - EBDUK creative pack

Swiftly moving through Spring into the promise of Summer, we settle on May and the bee-themed Garden’s Voice collection. I loved the colours and the hexagons as well as the contrast of soft hues against hard black lines.

Penguin Joe in a BuJo -EBDUK

July 2021 was all about the bright colours of summer and the Aloha collection. These were printed on the new vinyl stickers and were absolutely stunning. On top of my CPT pack, I pretty much bought all this collection too!

Beautiful vinyl stickers in a BuJo from EBDUK

Finally, we arrive in the present: August 2021. To set up my monthly logs, I used the Paradise Dreamed collection that came in a Grab Bag. This is another bright and beautiful summer collection. And we can’t finish without mentioning Penguin Joe, my constant planner companion. For this spread, I used stickers from the Goal Kit sheet and relevant Penguin Joes to help me track my progress in different areas of life and to make sure everything was in balance.

Weekly layout with EBDUK stickers

I hope you’ve enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of some of my favourite stickers and spreads from the last year and a half. Before I go, I want to say a big thank you to Rachel for letting me be on the team and for creating such uplifting planner stickers. I’d also like to say a big thank you to Sharon for leading the team and supporting me in my role. It’s been a blast, and I can’t wait to see all the fantastic stickers Rachel comes up with in the future      .

Happy stickerating!

Natalie xxx


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