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Hobonichi - day in the life of a planner

For this week's blog post I thought you'd like to come along with me and I would give you a little snippet into a fairly standard non-working day in my life.

Today is the first of March which means a new EllieBeth gratitude challenge. I started my morning with a cup of coffee and an Instagram post showing this month's prompts, I also popped onto the Facebook group and replied to the daily prompt post for the day.

While we’re here, Spring is my favourite season after Autumn. I love the brighter days which are warming up but are still cold, fresh and crisp. I love that I can wear a thinner coat and that I’m not too hot and I just feel really motivated to get up and go out in the Spring; it’s a beautiful season.

March IG Gratitude prompts 


I have toddler twins and today I took them to the childminder for a few hours. We’re just starting off with childminders so we have a few weeks of settling in to make sure it works for us all. While they played down there I came home, had a quick whizz around the house with the hoover and sat down with my planner and stickers. I don’t often get time to myself during the day to plan so I thoroughly enjoyed sitting with my folder and actually having a half hour to myself.

St Patricks day layout  Hobonichi weeks layout


I’ve recently discovered how well the EBDUK stickers work in my Hobonichi and honestly I'm wondering why I haven’t used them from the start. I’ve ordered the Hobonichi sized day cover which I’m really excited to try out.


Once the kids were home it was time for tea, baths and bedtime. They’d had a fun filled day so were sound asleep by 7:30pm! 


My husband and I took full advantage and watched a documentary while I crocheted some more of my blanket, I have a picture from earlier that week as I forgot to take one.

Attic 24 CAL Blanket 


After the documentary, which was super interesting, we got ready for bed to ready to do it all over again the next day.


Overall it’s been a good little day to start off the month!


You can find and follow along with the Gratitude Prompt in the EllieBeth Designs UK FB group & find Linsay on Instagram as Plannerpod.


A day in the life of a planner and her Hobonichi