6 Months of #stickerateMONTHLY

By Creative Planning Team - Suzanne Roberts

Let's talk about the benefits of sticker subscriptions and celebrate stickerate monthly......a great way of saving on your sticker spend, a brilliant way of trying something new and who doesn't love surprise Happy mail dropping through the letterbox?!

#stickerateMONTHLY has now been running for 6 months and what a selection of designs we have seen.

#stickerateMONTHLY stickers from EBDUK

You're the Bees Knee's. September saw the very first subscription arrive and what a stunner to start us off. I love any stickers which include nature or animals and what better way to begin than a celebration of the pollinators of our planet. I was very impressed with the first kit I received. A fantastic selection of both functional and decorative stickers and as always no scrimping on quality from Rachel.

#stickerateMONTHLY stickers from EBDUK UK

Time to Hygge....to be honest I no idea what this phrase meant until I googled it.
'A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well being' (a defining characteristic of Danish life). And didn't this collection just sing this to us all? Butterflies and autumnal florals bursting from the page, bringing a calmness and wonder to our spreads.

Hygge stickers from #stickerateMONTHLY from EBDUK

In the Stillness, Winter Appears. A blue delight of night time, owls and winter foliage. At the time of receiving this November collection our baby boy was just a couple of months old and this was summed up in one quote 'I am not a night owl or an early bird, I'm some sort of exhausted pigeon'.

#stickerateMONTHLY stickers from EBDUK

December brought Winter Wonders. For alot of people the Robin carries a message of hope and that a lost loved one is near. The contrasting reds and greens reminding us of Christmas and bringing joy to my Winter spreads during what feels life the longest month of the year. 

#stickerateMONTHLY stickers from EBDUK for EC Planners

Who could forget Alice? I have to say this has been one of my all time favourite collections. I'm sure most of us grew up with the fairytale story of Alice in Wonderland and if not then the more recent film adaptions of this absolute classic. For me I had to use the monthly subscription pack first. The washi banners were just incredible.

Alice #stickerateMONTHLY stickers from EBDUK

And to round up the half year February saw the gorgeous 'Bloom where you are planted'. What a spring sensation this is. Beautiful pastel florals and rainbows. I've gone with a triple overload on this one of a weekly, a monthly and a notes page ECLP spread using the new mini washi strips included to create my spring cleaning projects and important mom life organising. 
I'm so looking forward to what the next six months brings and how these collections may evolve. Don't forget there are lots of different kits available for every kind of planner you use or what kind of planning you enjoy. Try out a one month purchase or save some money on your sticker spend by opting for the 3 month subscription.

#stickerateMONTHLY stickers from EBDUK for EC and other planners

Coming Next week:

Katie Teage - #stickerateMONTHLY in Action

Even before joining the creative planning team I had signed myself up for the Elliebethdesignsuk Stickerate Monthly subscription. I loved the idea of getting a monthly kit and knowing that It would provide more than enough stickers for the month. I could plan my sticker budget for the month and then it would just land on the doorstep!

I’ve really enjoyed all of the kits so far and have never been disappointed by Rachels choice of artwork. They are also always very different to what’s being put in the shop so it really does feel very exciting to open it each month. 
So how have I used March’s subscription? Well to be honest I haven’t used anything else!

You can find Suzanne, Katie and the rest of the Creative Planning Team and their social media links HERE.