2021 Planner Stacks!

By Creative Planning Team

The Turkey is finished, crackers pulled, celebrations had and presents opened.....   so what's next!

If you're a planner then thoughts are now turning to the choice of planner(s) for the coming year. 

Join the Creative Planning Team as they give us an insight into what they have chosen and why.



Planner stack for 2021

I’ve decided to use 4 planners in 2021 which will cover all my work and home needs.

After trialling a couple of planners for work in 2020, I’ve decided that the one that gives me the most usable space is the Erin Condren Daily Duo. It has lots of space for appointments and to-do lists each day plus 12 double page monthly spreads.

I’ve treated myself to an Archer and Olive bullet journal which I’m going to use for simple memory keeping. I like the flexibility of plain, undated bullet journals and the A&O ones are really beautiful with nice thick paper.

My EDC will be a Hobonichi Weeks as I used one throughout 2020 and it was perfect: a week to a view on the left and a page for notes on the right. I used the extra pages at the back for monthly spending records, random thoughts, blog post ideas, etc.

Finally, my 4th planner will be an A6 Hobonichi – the English version. I’ll use this as a personal journal. It’ll be a record of my thoughts and feelings, dieting ups and downs, book lists, ideas for arty projects, and any other things which don’t slot into the other planners.

The joy of all of the above is that I can use stickers in all of them and that makes me very happy indeed!


Creative planners with EBDUK stickers

Here’s the thing… I haven’t got a definitive line up for 2021. During this year I have used what has suited me at different times and that is very much something I am taking into 2021. I will have a Passion Planner because I always have a Passion Planner. I will have a bullet journal which varies in what it's used for and how. And I am also starting the year with a new Flexi Planner from Tilly Journals. But I am not making any commitment to just these or even continuing to use these beyond January. It is a complete luxury but I have come to planner peace in the knowledge that I am totally OK with using whatever planner works for me at whatever time.


2021 Planner Stack STM and EBDUK

I've been a bit all over the place in my planners for the last few months. Change of home routines with no school runs after 22 years and the current world situation too have meant nothing has seemed like a really good fit.

I have a few things though that have always been on my desk and I will be starting the year with these plus an additional 1...or 2.....!!

My main planner is a franken-planned Erin Condren vertical and daily duo combo. I use the collections for decorating the weeklies and rainbow stickers for the dailies. It gives me a really good combination of overview and detail and has always worked really well.

I always have a notebook on the go; it goes everywhere with me and I decant things as necessary. This year it was a yellow (so I couldn't lose it!) Leuchteurm squared A5 notebook and for 2021 I'll move into a cerise pink one of the same design. 

I use my Chic Sparrow TN's in varying sizes during the year when I want a change and I've also added in a STM bullet journal for daily health tracking and a 2017 EC hourly to re-date and use for time blocking and sticker fun!

Let's see how this goes!



2021 Planner stack and EBDUK stickers

My 2021 planner line up looks a little bit different from 2020. I know for a lot of people that planning in 2020 took on a different twist due to the serious nature of what’s been going on in the world. I tried to continue with the same planners I started the year with but I found life changed significantly and so my planner needs changed and adapted too. Gratitude certainly played a bigger part in my daily planning life which I found really helped me.

One planner that is certainly staying with me is my franken-planned Erin Condren Daily Duo and weekly vertical life planner. I have, with the help of my partner Ian, set this up again for the coming 6 months. I am a list maker and I love detail and having these both combined onto one coil is perfect for me.

My birthday gift of the Aura Estelle Cloud planner with blank, undated vertical pages will become my social media and gratitude planner. It’s a big planner so not something that I will be carrying around with me if I’m being honest. And lastly, the Erin Condren soft bound pocket planner is on trial and in replacement of my Filofax pocket rings as I always like to carry a little planner with me. It’s a horizontal format so something new to attempt stickerating. Let’s see what 2021 brings and hope the world becomes a brighter place once more and life can return to some sort of normality.


2021 Planner stack for EBDUK

My planner stack is ready for 2021 with a a similar line up to 2019.

I have brought back the Erin condren life planner in the vertical layout. Mainly because I wanted to use the full boxes more in my layout and I really enjoy decorating them with no white space.

My hobonichi weeks will be my carry around planner that I can throw in my handbag so I have my plans with me.

And my final one is the Scribbles that matter bullet journal just because I watched a bullet journal setup on YouTube and got a little FOMO 🤣 my lack of self control kicked in again and I had to order one for myself.


2021 Planner stack with EBDUK stickers

For 2021, I am going to try something I’ve never done before and that's to stay in one book for a whole year. I’m calling it the ‘One Year - One Journal’ project! For the next 12 months, I’m going to be doing EVERYTHING in A5 rings: bullet journaling, art journaling, journal journaling and memory-keeping. My idea is to keep everything in one place rather than have lots of notebooks, sketchbooks and journals scattered around, which is something I find frustrating and pressuring as they all shout ‘Pick me! Choose me! Fill me!’ However, within the constraints of my ‘one journal’ I’m allowing myself to be completely free as to the type of planning and journaling I do, so watch this space! Of course, I’ll be using my EllieBeth Designs UK stickers to set up my bullet journal, and I’ve been busy reorganising my sticker folder and making use of the sticker album that came in this year’s advent calendar, so I’m good to go!

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and a hopeful new year.   Love Natalie x

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2021 Planner Stack - EBDUK Style