2020 Planner Stacks

by The Creative Planning Team

This week is a big planner week - the start of a new year! Whether you're starting a new planner or half way through and revamping your system it's a great time to be inspired by the planner community and try something new. Read on to find out what's on the Creative Planning Team's planner stack for the new year.

Happy New Planner Year! 


Robyn Dexter-Attwood

Passion Planner planner stack - Robyn Dexter-Attwood 

Before I say anything, last year when I wrote this, it changed between me writing and it being published so this isn’t a commitment to these particular planners! Of course, I will have a passion planner, it’s my must have planner. Alongside it, I have my passion planner dailies which I am so excited to dig into. I have a bullet journal for work. Lastly, I’ve recoiled an Erin Condren deluxe monthly with more notes pages to use for social media planning. The only thing I have decided on yet is journaling and memory keeping. I really do love sticker therapy and have been using a mix of happy planners and B6 inserts to satisfy this alongside my journal writing. But I’m still undecided on this at the moment. 


Antonia Pladdys

Happy Planner planner stack - Antonia Pladdys

I cannot believe that 2020 is right on our doorstep already! I have spent most of December personalising and setting up my 2020 line up. This year I am minimising down to 5 planners and I’ll see how I get on along the way.

The very bottom one is my classic HP that is my master planner, it contains house details, children details, life insurance, will etc. To minimise my children’s anxiety following my husband’s untimely passing, I have set up a “know it all” planner so that should anything happen to me, any of my closest friends can walk in and carry on.  Above that is my working classic HP. More decorative week to week, all the monthly details are saved and all hospital appointments and co formations are printed off and kept handy, ready to grab when I need it.  Above that is my mini HP, this little baby goes everywhere with me, has errands, to dos, appointments, food shop etc. My on the go planner.  On top of that is my mini HP social media planner. This is where I plan and record my social media interactions and where I plan my CPT posts for Ellie Beth Designs UK.  Lastly, is my goals bujo. I have 3 main new year resolutions that I am determined to focus on in 2020. In this book, I plan and record my progress.

Show me your planner stash for 2020 - so exciting! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Sharon Gubby

2020 Planner stack - mixed planners 

My planner stack for 2020 is a vertical colourful Erin Condren coil bound planner for my main planning and weekly layout and this is where I use most of my EBDUK collections in the weekly spread. A Chic Sparrow personal size for notes and carrying around with me. I've found I use a mixture of core page sizes depending on what's going on as most stickers can be adapted for it. I then have a Hobonichi Weeks that I added in December and in which I said I wasn't going to stickerate anything but the monthly spreads as it's bound rather than on a coil.....however this didn't last long and I now have some Hobonichi collection sheets ready to use!! I also have an Erin Condren horizontal coil bound which I use for memory keeping, with the aid of my Zink printer. There's not a lot of change from last year but I do take the time to watch a lot of setup videos and incorporate some new ideas to keep everything fresh.


Belinda Hearn

Hobonichi Weeks Planner stack - Belinda Hearn

Here is my Planner Stack for 2020.  I will be using a Hobonichi Weeks for my Work Planner - I keep track of my daily hours and weekly to do’s and important reminders.  I really enjoy decorating the pages, it’s so nice having a pretty work planner.  I will be using a Classic Happy Planner for my Every Day Planner - I love having the ability to add and remove pages to really customise my planner to what I need.  I am looking forward to experimenting with my EBDUK stickers in the Horizontal Layout as I’ve always had a vertical layout previously.  Hope you have fun finding your Planner Peace in 2020.


Kylie Ashby

2020 Planner Stack - Kylie Ashby

If you read my blog post about curing the planner itch, you might have an inkling about what I’m going to write about here! After deciding that 2020 would be my ‘depth year’, I decided to really assess what I needed in a planning system. However, as is often the way with us planners, a few extra bits and bobs *might* have crept in as I near the dawn of 2020!

From the top of the stack: My Hobonichi Weeks Mega in shell pink. This is my every day carry. I love the weekly overview with notes page that this planner hangs around but also love the extra notes pages in the back. I stickerate in this planner and like it to match the stickers I’ve chosen for my main planner and journal, the Hobonichi cousin (pictured inside its glittery cover). Rachel stocks stickers that fit both the weekly and monthly for both Hobonichi planners, beautifully. Also pictured is my Meadowgate leather TN. This houses the bits and bobs that don’t need to come with me all the time: menu planning, fitness records, gratitude journal, goal planning. It’s an extreme width so I can shove lots of inserts in here (and use up some of my stash throughout the year). At the bottom of the stack is my dashboard layout Happy Planner. I have realised, over the past month or so, that I need a place to put any social media notes and ideas and, in the spirit of using what I have, decided this Happy Planner, carefully placed within my stash, with its message of ‘Live a Colourful Life’, seemed perfect to house my EBDUK Creative Planning Team notes, as well as other ideas. And of course, my EBDUK binder, which I imagine will probably become two binders as the tear goes on!  Still to come, however, is a goal planner. I know...I know...that planner itch has struck again! I can’t wait for 2020!

Wishing you all a very happy new year!


Korrie-ann Scott Peters

202 Planner stack - Korrie Scott Peters

My planner stack for 2020 so far consists of me Erin Condren Hourly as my day to day planner where I will add everything all in one place , my standard TN which I use for my memory planning and journaling . My hobonichi weeks still has until April but I’ve not decided if I’m replacing it with another one yet as I have also just added my daisy weeks as my carry around which fits perfect in my personal size TN. These may all change though as I never can stick to the same planners for the whole year 


Vic Walters

Travellers Notebook planner stack - Vic Walters

This year my planning style changed as you may have seen from my recent blog post. I’m using my Hobonichi Cousin as my “Everyday Carry”; forward planning, work lists and appointments, and on the go memory planning. I’m so happy that EllieBeth Designs is forever increasing the sticker range for the Cousin and other Hobonichi small planners. This will be housed in a new Elrohir Leather cover with plenty of strings for extra booklets to track my Creative Planning Team posts, general notes, etc. I will also keep my personal slim rings for more forward planning. My Hobonichi Weeks will be used to track my finances and day-to-day spends. Finally, my first love, my Erin Condren Life Planner will be my stay at home planner. I just can’t say goodbye to it as it is perfect for my stickerating therapy. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.


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202 Planner setup