2020 - One Month In

By Creative Planning Team Member - Antonia Pladdys

As the year comes to an end I am always so encouraged to get my planners sorted. I get my resolutions written down and I'm excited by the “get my life together” enthusiasm. As with most people, come end of January, early February and the planner ideas are slightly fading. The 'resolutions'? well! they are on a note somewhere and almost forgotten, and I carry on with all the habits I had the year before. 


Little but Fierce - by Antonia - Happy Planner 

Collection shown is 'Little But Fierce'                           

This year I was determined to minimise and stick with my plans. So I arranged 5 (!) planners for my 2020 use. My EDC (mini day HP in vertical layout), my home planner in a classic HP, my resolutions journal in my BuJo, my social media planner in my mini HP (different layout) and lastly my memory planner in my EC. 


Erin Condren and EllieBeth Stickers  


I am happy to report that my EDC, home planner, social media and memory planners are still going strong; although the plans were not always followed due to a challenging start to the year! But hey, plans aren’t written in stone. My BuJo however, ha ha, needs a bit of a rethink and a push from Penguin Joe! 


Trackers in an Erin Condren 


I have found my groove with these planners and along with so many beautiful collections released from EllieBeth Designs UK at the same time, I thankfully have multiple planners to try them out on. 


BuJo and EllieBeth Designs stickers 


Going forward though, I believe I have finally found a system that is manageable and I can keep it going..... but surely when I fall Penguin Joe will be there to encourage me along! How are your 2020 planners coming along? 

Antonia  x


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