2020 Current Planners

By the Creative Planning Team

Korrie Scott-Peters

Current Planner stack EBDUK Creative Planner Korrie Peters

My planners seem to be all over the place at the moment, I just can’t decide which one I would like to use!! 

For the moment I have my simple stories coiled planner for my everything planner, my rainbow travelers notebook from Lewis and Louisa for my memory keeping and journaling and then I have my prima travelers notebook in passport size which will be to document my health and well-being. 

I am maybe also currently waiting on a new A5 hybrid arriving so that I can keep everything in the one planner. 

My favourite sticker at the moment is the Lunar Rainbow star checklists, I can use them in any of my planners and I always have plenty of lists so they are very handy!!!


Robyn Dexter-Attwood

Current planners EBDUK Creative Planning Team member Robyn Dexter-Attwood

I am definitely in the midst of a planner crisis at the moment and fidgeting all over the place. I can’t completely make a decision on what I want to use or the different parts of my set up that I want. I have used multiple planners over the past couple of weeks, which has thrown One Book July completely out the window. At the moment, I’ve gone for a 'back to basics' approach in my Passion Planner, with a more detailed daily breakdown in my Passion Planner Daily. My Amplify Planner has become quite heavily memory keeping/journaling which I’m really enjoying and I’m using an A5 rings for work.

But there has also been dabbling with a Hobonichi Weeks, a Hobonichi Cousin, an EC hourly, the Daily Duo and a B6 Print Pression!!

The only consistent thing in amidst all of this is that I use a Bullet Journal Key across everything. I may finally decide on something, but I may not and that is totally OK. It's just an excuse to play with more stickers!


Natalie Bowers

 2020 Current Planners - EBDUK Natalie Bowers

Hello! Natalie here. As I write this, we are in the middle of One Book July 2020, so I am using just one book: my A5 Filofax Domino Luxe. Everything is going in it. There are sections for my bullet journaling monthly logs, weekly logs and daily logs. There’s a section for collections and projects and a section for journaling (including art journaling!). In the front pocket, I have a travellers notebook insert which is where I do my everyday memory-keeping. And in the back, there’s a pocket for stickers, scrap paper and washi tape. I love having everything in one book – there’s a feeling of wholeness about it. The only issue I’m experiencing is that it’s getting very full and, by the end of the month, I expect it will be a little unwieldy!

Next month, I think I’ll try using one organiser for planning and one, for journaling and memory keeping.

This month, I discovered that the stickers from the Lunar Rainbow Monthly Date Covers and Strips sheet fit perfectly on the fold-out monthlies in a Filofax Clipbook, which would give me nice big boxes in which to write and stickerate, so, going forward, that’s what I’m going to use for my main monthly logs. Until next time: happy stickerating! x


Sharon Gubby

SHaron Gubby current planner EBDUK CPT

Six months into the year and not a lot has changed with my planning - I've taken some time recently with changes in the planner community to really look at what I'm using and whether it works for me and I have to say I'm as close as any of us get (for a few months anyway) to planner peace. I still have my vertical EC for my weekly overview and I have added in a Daily Duo too.  I love the flexibility this gives me to use a new collection everyday if I want to, or randomise my sticker selection depending on how busy I am.  The new daily duo stickers from EBDUK are perfect for this and complement my need for all thing Penguin Joe as well. I also use a notebook alongside my planners and this is the one constant that doesn't change even when I'm 'playing' with a different planner at any point.


Vic Walters

2020 Current planner - Vic Walters EBDUK
So here we are, just over half way though what has turned out to be a very "unusual" year.  There may be uncertainty in the world but not in my planners, albeit they are slightly more naked with no need for covers as they currently do not leave the house! 

My main planner is still my Hobonichi Techo Cousin Avec, and I'm still in love with it.  Part one is finished, and lovely and chunky.  I still have plenty to put in it, slightly less events in the monthly section, but as much as ever in the weekly and daily pages.  For finances I'm still in my Hobonichi Weeks.  So I look forward to "What's New Wednesday" every month to buy the latest collections, A5 Core and A5 Monthly, and Mini Weeks and Mini Monthly, for both of these planners.

The only real change is my new standard vertical planner.  Out with the coils this year and in with the binder.  In truth, I miss my rings, so I'm hoping with the binder, I can make it look a little more pretty, adding some pages, maybe vellum and acetates.

And lastly, as well as my "Stickerate" Albums I have my faithful sampler album which is perfect for on the go, even if at the moment it is only from room to room in the house.  I add one of the Mini Sampler Grab Bags to orders to get Penguin Joe nice and chunky!

Antonia Pladdys

Antonia Pladdys - my current planner July 2020

My planners have adapted over the last 7 months, however I have stuck to my happy planners as I find them very adaptable and easy to mould to my needs. I have started a new memory planner from July as the previous 6 months is full of memories and achievements.

My mini HP has adapted to household tasks, chores, appointments and self care checklists. I have introduced a skinny which includes basic appointments as I use only the month to view pages, this is for on the go, and includes meal plans, shopping lists, budgeting and appointments as well as PR responsibilities.

I have been enjoying this set up for a month now and it’s working very well. I cannot live without sticker sheets R276, R277, R278 and R279 as I use these to use as headers, use as labels and separators in memory planning. I absolutely love how all EllieBeth Design UK stickers are removable and stick perfect every time!


Kylie Ashby

Kylie Ashby current planner July 2020

If you had the chance to read my last blog post for EBDUK, you’ll know I’ve recently recovered from a terrible case of Planner Itch and am, once again, back in my bullet journal, housed in my favourite, un-dyed Meadowgate Leather TN. When in the midst of this dreaded malady, I often find myself heading back to a Bullet Journal as it helps me to produce exactly the planner layout I need. I tend to use a lot of the washi, deco and, of course, Penguin Joe sheets when using my Bullet Journal. I also like to use half boxes and event labels to draw attention to important notes or things to remember and I love the dates and dates sheets to add a bit of colour.

It's now officially the summer holidays and so I have the luxury of more time to spend on my planner but I am currently considering whether I’ll need the space an A5 bullet journal needs in September, but I think the fact I can make the spreads work for me means that I might just keep going until the end of the year. I always seem to come back to Bullet Journaling and so maybe, just maybe, I might stay here this time. Watch this space!


Belinda Hearn

Belinda Hearn current planner 2020
This year has been a doozy, so many changes, so much uncertainty, it is reassuring to have somewhere to visit each day that uplifts your spirit and brings you joy.
I think I have found planner peace in my trusty Happy Planner. I love being able to remove and add pages with ease.  It’s the perfect size for home planning and has lots of room for me to decorate with my favourite EBDUK sticker collections.  

In contrast my Hobonichi Weeks has been in Limbo for the last few months, whilst I have been at home self isolating.  (A work planner with no work to plan), it desperately needs a new purpose and I have missed it dearly.  I am considering turning it into a Well-being Journal, somewhere I can jot down my mood, thoughts and dreams.  

I wanted to share my favourite EBDUK sticker collection and sticker sheet.  The Kindness Collection I just fell for, the garden, floral theme is oh so pretty and I found it had a 70’s feel which I really love. 

Washi - Have I mentioned the Washi? - Other than the genius of having a strip of washi on every sticker sheet, my favourite sticker sheet is of course the Washi Strips. Getting various widths and designs of Washi in every collection is just perfect - I just never seem to have enough of it 🤣.

I hope everyone is taking care and keeping safe.




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