2019 Planners - One month on, Erin Condren, Hobonichi and more....

by Design Team - Sophie Ball

January 2019 Planner Setup Stack

One month on……

So one month on and am I still in the planners that I decided would be the ones for 2019? Well the answer to that is yes and no. I surely am not the only one? I decided back in December that my planner goal for 2019 would be to stay in one planner for a whole 12 months and I chose the planners that I was going to do this in. They were to be my EC hourly which I started back in November and my B6 TN.

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Travellers Notebook black

I was quite happy in my B6 up until about mid December, then something changed. I don’t know what, but it just wasn’t working for me anymore. It could be the temptation and the latest trend of the Hobonichis or the pretty spreads I kept seeing all over social media in Plannerland or was it that my needs had just changed? What did I need my planner for? What was I writing in it?


What do I need in my planner list

I made a list and the outcome was that I needed something where I could record things daily – shopping lists, to do lists, appointments and have the space to record all of this but yet still be a good size and not too big or clunky. So I ordered a Hobonichi Techo A6. It was small, compact and had daily pages. And therefore I had my new line up for 2019.

But then a couple of weeks ago, I realised I was missing something. A weekly view in my A6 so I could forward plan. So I ordered an A6 WO1P horizontal TN insert. This tucks into the front cover and fits perfectly. This of course gets stickerated too.


 Weekly/daily planner setup

But it’s not as simple as that I realised. I needed to change my sticker line up too. I couldn’t carry on using the sheets I had been using in my B6 as they just wouldn’t work. So I had to completely rethink what I needed. Luckily the sheets from EBDUK come separately so you can just order what you need. I was always a Washi sheet, Full Boxes, Make a List, Days & Dates buyer but now these just wouldn’t work. I finally worked out the sheets for me would be Core, Half Boxes, Mixed Event Labels and Penguins. I realised that whatever planners I was using or going to use, I’d also have plenty of options with stickers and that I’d always be able to make it work. And these sheets would work perfectly across both planners. 


Erin Condren Hourly layout setup

So my EC Hourly was to remain as my Stay At Home planner. And my Hobonichi Techo A6 was to be my On The Go Planner. I just love the size of it. It’s perfect just to throw in my bag and not get too heavy which may have been one of the problems with the B6.


Hobonichi Techno dailies


I started out with a few stickers in the A6. I was rather worried that it would become too chunky if I stickerated to my heart’s content but I was enjoying the blank space for lists etc. But that lasted for about a week and I went sticker crazy with one of the new releases from the last Whatsnewwednesday which was the Dare to dream collection. How could I not use it. So I made a decision that if it’s a bit of a quiet week then I can use extra stickers and if it’s a busy week with lots going on then I’ll use minimal stickers. And hopefully my planner won’t get too big!

Hobonichi weekly setup Hobonichi Techno dailies


What are you using for 2019? Have you already switched planners this month? Or do you have your eye on something else?


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