2019 Planner Review

By Design Team - Tracy Macheta

Oh dear! It’s that time of year again. The time when our thoughts turn to the rapidly approaching New Year and what planners we’ll be using. It seems quite common that towards the end of October – in line with the clocks going back and winter arriving – people who plan are feeling a little “itchy”.

During 2019, I looked at what I wanted from a planner: I’m a list-maker so there needed to be room for that, I need to write appointments down otherwise I forget them and finally there had to be room for stickers. My quest to find a planner that suited my requirements resulted in me using five different ones in 2019, namely an Erin Condren LifePlanner (vertical and horizontal), a Scribbles That Matter A5 pre-printed bullet planner, an A6 Hobonichi and a Hobonichi Weeks. All of these have fulfilled my needs to a degree and have certainly been improved by the addition of EllieBeth Designs stickers!


STM Bullet Planner 

So how have I been finding my planner choices in 2019? This year, I’ve made an effort with my monthly views and the A5 monthly sticker sheet really made my STM planner come alive.  Likewise, using the monthly skeleton / extras sheets in the Erin Condren planners worked well for the Gratitude Challenges, particularly in July 2019 where the addition of the small boxes made for an outstanding spread.


Horizontal EC memory keeping 

I moved to a horizontal Erin Condren in July this year as I felt the weekly layout was more suited to my list-making style. This is where the quarter boxes and scallop-edged stickers came into their own. However, at times I felt I had longer lists to write than the space allowed so that’s when I trialled an A6 Hobonichi Techo which has a day to a page. This was successful and I enjoyed using washi to add interest to the pages. The small ombre checklists worked particularly well in the A6 


Hobonichi Weeks layout 

There were days when I didn’t fill a whole page on the A6 and for some reason, I felt I was wasting the space. Someone suggested I try a Hobonichi Weeks as it had a week to a view plus a whole page for lists. Now that EllieBeth Designs has Weeks stickers – monthly and weekly, I’m finding it’s working really well for me. I use stickers from the Make a List sheets on the right-hand blank page and I use quite a few appointment labels too. 


Hobonichi A6 with EllieBeth stickers 

So for my 2020 planners, at this moment I’m definitely going with a Weeks (especially as I now have a beautiful new rainbow leather cover for it) and probably a Scribbles That Matter A5 bullet planner for journalling. I love my Erin Condren LifePlanner but for day to day use, it’s not such a practical size and it just stays at home. Of course, next month there could be another “must have” planner coming out……….. ooops!


Have you decided which planners you’ll use next year?

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