2019 Planner Lineup - 2 months on!

 by Design Team - Boberina Dexter-Attwood

I’m currently in the process of my March set up and am sitting at my desk surrounded by pots of pens, loose sticker sheets, post its, washi, stickerate binders and of course planners! You can probably picture it and I can assure you I can just squeeze my open Passion Planner on the desk surface!

As I opened the page on my planner for March, it occurred to me that many of us have probably switched planners since the start of the year. If you haven't read the design team blog, then let me refresh you briefly on what I had:

  • Passion Planner
  • my faith planner - a classic sized Faith Warrior planner by Happy Planner.
  • My Foxy Fix No 8 is coming back and housing my bullet journal, a scratch notebook and the new Erin Condren daily planner and budget planner.
  • For work, a Frankenplanner - a classic sized vertical lined Happy Planner with sections from the Teacher Planner and a Happy Notes.
  • a mini Happy Planner for recording all things social media.

Technically this was only 5 planners, but if you look at it a little more deeply it is in actual fact 13! While in principle this had a great purpose, it is also ridiculous! In fact even between the blog post and the new year, I had changed what I was using. So as we enter into March, here is the massive change to my planning.

 Hobonichi Cousin 2019 setup

Hobonichi Cousin

If you have been following my social media, or even just the posts in the group, you will have noticed that this has become my main day to day planner that goes everywhere. This has entirely replaced my Bullet Journal! I use the dailies as daily logs, but as things come up I can simply add them to the correct day as needed. Half of my issue with the bullet journal system was writing things down as they came in and then having to move them the daily logs were at times a page and a half. Waste of paper and, as I’m discovering, time. I didn’t really keep collections, just notes so I have one of the memo pads in my cousin as well. I feel so much happier about bullet journaling using my Hobonichi.  


Passion Planner weekly layout  Passion Planner weekly setup

Passion Planner

Now obviously this hasn’t gone anywhere! The biggest question I have had is why still use it when I have the Hobonichi cousin. Well it's simple, the weeklies are better! I enjoy having the space to track everything for the week and to make notes which you just don’t get with the Hobonichi. The way I have used it has changed though. It now gets set up several weeks in advance so I can add in tasks and appointments as they come in. I can then turn to it on the relevant week and use that basis as a starting point for daily plans. It has all of my tracking (including annual trackers which I’ve never used!) and currently the monthly spreads are where I record my gratitude prompts. I love it and honestly don’t think I could not use it!


Erin Condren

This is another new one! I didn’t buy one in the summer and regretted it and gave in and ordered one. It's not what you’re thinking though. It's the teacher planner. I really enjoyed using one the last two academic years as the structure worked well and the changes they made this year were brilliant, however they took away the August start version, so I didn’t get one as it wouldn’t see me through the academic year. But I missed it and so ordered a new one. It's already making me feel much happier.


Happy Planner setup

Happy Planner

For now I am using the classic vertical lined happy planner for social media planning, anything household and for simple scratch planning. The lines lend themselves well to a bullet journal approach and it means everything is one place that isn’t work related!

Mini Planner Stack

So there we have it. 13 planners to 4. There are still some things I would like to work out for my planning and I am developing the ideas in the back of my mind (and back of my passion planner!). Mainly around budgeting and faith planning. This currently doesn’t feature in my line up and is something I would like to get back to when I have finished deciding what I want. The biggest problem is that there are still so many tempting planners out there to get distracted by!

I think the take away from this though is that it is completely OK to change up your planners and your system and not feel guilty about it.


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